How to Pick the Perfect Down Comforter

How to Pick the Perfect Down Comforter

white down comforter on a bed
A great night's sleep depends on the best possible bedding, including down comforters. Although there are many options to choose from, finding the ideal down comforter is actually quite simple. Follow the tips below to learn how to pick the perfect down comforter for your lifestyle.
white down comforter on a bed

Picking a Down Comforter:

Consider the fabric of the down comforter.

Light linen bedding will help keep you cool, while heavier cotton fabrics tend to lock in warmth. Although fill is the biggest factor in warmth level, picking a fabric to suit your climate can help add to the overall feel of your down comforter. Thread count can also contribute to the feel of your down comforter. Thread count represents the number of threads per square inch of fabric, so down comforters with the best quality will have a higher thread count and provide the most luxurious sleeping experience.

Look for the fill power of the comforter.

Down comforters come with a fill power rating, which indicates the amount of filling contained in the comforter. A larger fill power means the comforter will be firmer and lock in more heat, while a small fill power means your down comforter will provide a light layer of warmth.

Check the filling.

Down comforters stuffed with adult geese feathers are usually much fluffier and typically lock in much more heat. For a lighter comforter and cooler sleep, look for baby geese feathers and light stuffing.

Consider different designs.

Certain comforters are designed specifically to avoid the shifting of stuffing. Baffle box stitching ensures that down will stay in place, so you’ll get a consistent level of warmth no matter how the comforter is positioned. These comforters provide greater warmth, keeping the cold at bay on chilly nights. Not all down comforters feature baffle box construction, so if you live in a warm climate, look for a standard sewn-through down comforter that is light and loose.