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How to Pick Kids' Quilts

by Staff Writer

Kids' quilt with planes

Quilts aren't just for adults who want a timeless feel in their bedroom; they also bring color and charm into a children's room. Kid's quilts are made in motifs to match any age and come in all standard bedding sizes. With a few considerations, you'll be able to find a great kids' quilt with ease. Take a look at the following suggestions to learn how to pick kids' quilts.

Picking Kids' Quilts:

  1. Determine a size. Although characteristics such as style and color can be debated when choosing kids' bedding, size cannot. Before you set your heart on any certain kids' quilt, make sure you know what size of bed you're outfitting. Most kids have twin-size or full-size beds, and since quilts come in standard sizes, it's easy to pick the right one. However, you'll need to measure bunk beds or custom beds to determine how large your quilts should be.

  2. Decide on material. The chances of a child's quilt needing more washing than one for adults are high. Because of this, you may want to consider a quilt made of material that will withstand frequent cleaning. A soft fabric that's also tough enough to withstand the tough love it will experience from the life of a kid is always a smart choice when shopping for children's quilts.

  3. Choose a style. There are numerous styles of kids' quilts available. Popular styles include patchwork, Amish and antique. Kids love bedding with bold, bright colors and exciting designs. You may also consider a quilt with pieces that create a mosaic image of an animal or landscape. If the child you're buying for plays a sport, pick for a quilt with an applique sports theme to encourage his interests.

  4. Narrow it down. Include your child in the process by having her help choose a few different kids' quilts. Once a variety of styles have been chosen, have your child narrow it down to a favorite. A good quilt will appeal to your child's creativity and add style to the bedroom. For a quilt that will grow with her, no matter what decorating phase she goes through, choose a solid-colored quilt for your child.

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