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How to Pick a Mattress Pad for a Sleeper Sofa

How to Pick a Mattress Pad for a Sleeper Sofa

Leather sofa sleeper
Sleeper sofas have a sometimes-deserved reputation as uncomfortable places on which to spend the night. Because a sleeper sofa serves double duty as seating during the day and as a guest bed at night, buying one is worth considering if you are short on space or limited by budget constraints. Purchase a high-quality mattress pad to ensure your guests are as comfortable and well-rested as possible after a night on your sleeper sofa. Look below to learn how to pick a mattress pad for a sleeper sofa.
Leather sofa sleeper

Picking a Mattress Pad:


Soft or Firm

Determine whether you prefer a firm or soft sleeping surface, because you can buy either option. Also, determine which features you want in a mattress pad. Some options serve only to protect the existing mattress, while others enhance the comfort and performance of the underlying surface.


Consider Allergies

Consider any allergies that your frequent guests might have. If your mom visits multiple times a year and is highly sensitive to down, skip the feather-filled mattress pad regardless of how heavenly it feels to you.


Think About Features

Stain protection and waterproof mattress pads are convenient for the grandkids or your little ones’ slumber parties. Heated & electric mattress pads are a kind gesture when your holiday guests spend the night on the sleeper sofa.


Read Measurements

Read the measurements to make sure you purchase the correct mattress pad size for your sleeper sofa. Most sleeper sofas become either standard full- or queen-size beds, but measure the mattress if you are not sure.

Mattress Pad Tips:

Memory foam is a revolutionary material that offers excellent support without excessive bulk or firmness. Many mattress pads feature this material, and it can offer a good night’s sleep even on a substandard mattress, making it a prime choice for a sofa bed.

You do not need to limit your search to mattress pads made specifically for sleeper sofas. As long as the measurements fit, most mattress pads will work.