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How to Personalize a Futon

by Jessica Gezon

Beige futon sofa with a cover

The futon is a timeless piece of furniture. The classic futon, which converts from a couch to an extra sleeping surface, is a staple in small apartments and among shoppers who want a space-saving piece of furniture. While futons have been around for years, new innovations in futon covers and updates in designs have helped futons stage a comeback as desirable pieces of living room furniture. Now that you have a futon, how do you make it really yours? Read on to learn how to personalize a futon.

Personalizing Your Futon:

  1. Choose a cover that matches your needs. Is your futon going to serve double duty as a couch and a bed? Make sure to choose a cover that will be comfortable for both uses. While a corduroy cover might be cozy for watching a movie, it might not be ideal for a nap. Choose something that will be comfortable for sleeping, sitting, snuggling and more.

  2. Choose a cover that matches your personality. If you favor leopard-print furniture in your living room, then carry on with a leopard-print futon cover. If pretty pastels are your thing, then don't feel pressured to pick a brightly colored geometric pattern to cover your futon. The same goes for futon styles: if you like to luxuriate, then choose an oversize futon with room to spread out. If you like furniture with a simple feel, then look for a futon that folds into a simple shape and stays out of your way until it is needed. Know what you like and choose you futon accordingly.

  3. Consider who will use the futon. Is your futon destined for a life as a spare bed for adults? Or is it headed for a child's room to serve as the backdrop for a fort? Take the intended use of the futon into account when you choose a cover. Pick a durable fabric, like canvas, for a futon facing heavy-duty use or a more luxurious fabric for a futon to be used as a decorative piece. If a futon will do double duty, consider two covers or more, one for every occasion. Patterned futon covers are available in kid-friendly prints, so keep one on hand for your kids and a backup in a more sedate pattern for when guests come to stay.

  4. Add embellishments to an existing cover. Dress up a futon cover by customizing it with paints, pillows, rhinestones or anything else you choose. Stencil a design and fill it with pretty colors. Select some throw pillows and arrange them artfully, not only as accent pieces but as added comfort for your couch, too.

  5. Choose the right frame. Futon frames are available in metal and wood, and each of those is available in a variety of finishes and colors. Choose a frame that matches your existing living room decor or your ideal decor if you're just getting started. Look for a sturdy frame if the futon will act as a fort or a sleeker frame if a modern look is your goal.

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