How to Pamper Your Pet this Holiday Season

by Meshell Long

Don't forget about your pets when you're celebrating the holidays. They deserve just as much love and attention as the rest of your family and friends do. After all, pets listen to you when you need an ear, comfort you when you're down, and keep you company when you're lonely. Show your pets how much you love them by treating them to some great pet supplies and some extra attention.

Pampering Your Pet:

  1. Go for a walk. Take your pet out for some fresh air. Dogs and cats love to be outdoors. For those pets that are young and full of energy, consider a harness or walking leash for more support. For pets that are older or for many cats, you may want to look into pet strollers. These will keep them safe while protecting them from other harmful animals or from running off and getting lost.

  2. Travel with them. The busiest travel season of the year is the holiday season. Rather than leaving your pet with a stranger or in an unfamiliar pet-sitting kennel, take them with you and enjoy the trip together. You can find fun and stylish pet travel totes and carriers in a variety of colors and styles. Some small pet carriers can fit under the seat in the airplane, and other people choose to hold their pets on their laps during the flight.

  3. It's family picture time. Have a fun photo shoot with an attention-loving pet, so you can have a picture to share with family and friends. If you are ever feeling down at work or you miss your kitty when you are away from home, think of how much you will appreciate looking at the photo. You can go all out for the photo shoot and dress your pet up with fun pet accessories and clothing. Don't forget to shop for a photo frame for the finished product.

  4. Play with your pet. Your pet loves undivided attention. Playing with your dog or cat not only makes them happy, but it can lift your spirits, too. You can take advantage of a variety of pet toys, such as chew toys, balls, interactive toys, and cat supplies like scratching posts, to entertain your animals.

  5. Give them treats. For good behavior or just for being such a good friend, pet treats like rawhide dog bones, catnip, and chewable vitamins will be appreciated by your pet. You can even sign up for monthly treat subscriptions that deliver treats right to your door for added convenience.

  6. Groom your pet. Pets love feeling clean and looking good just like humans do. Give your pet a bath and brush and cut their fur if needed. You can even buy a book on pet massage. Your pet will feel like she is in a day spa.

  7. Give them a hand. For many animals, accessing certain areas is hard, either due to their size or a medical condition. Consider pet staircases or ramps to give them a helping hand onto your bed or the couch.

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