How to Outfit a Bed for Summer

Summer bedroom with large windows and a white bed
Updating your bed for summer is the key to keeping your bedroom decor fresh and fabulous. In addition to aesthetic benefits, preparing your bedding for summer will allow you to have cool, comfortable sleep through hot nights. From fabric to filling, bedding can play an important role in keeping you content when temperatures rise.

Summer bedroom with large windows and a white bed

Buying Summer Bedding:


Choose a Cool Material

One of the latest innovations is the eco-friendly and breathable Tencel®. Sheets and mattress pads made from Tencel® allow air to flow and let you get a comfortable night’s rest when temperatures heat up. For maximum comfort in the heat, think Tencel®, or other breathable materials, like bamboo, linen, or cotton. 


Think about White

White or light-colored bedding gives you many options, as these neutral colors allow you to switch accessories with ease. Embroidered and lace linens can add accent to basic sheets. Include pillow shams and throw pillows in pastel shades for a light look.


Use a Lightweight Duvet

Store your heavy duvet for the season and use a lightweight down comforter, one with a fill power below 600. You may also want to look at down alternative comforters as a replacement for your heavy winter duvet. Once you have the duvet picked out, cover it with a cotton or linen duvet cover to ensure maximum ventilation.


Cool Down with Gel

Gel memory foam is made to help you stay cool while you sleep. If you get hot while you sleep, add a gel memory foam mattress topper to your bed for summer. It will rejuvenate your mattress and add comfortable support, too.


Add Summer Style

Toss some throw pillows or use pillow shams worthy of display on the bed. Look for colors and themes that make you think of summer, like pretty florals, pineapple prints, or nautical-inspired designs. Just don’t go overboard; too much bedding during the summer can lead to hot, uncomfortable nights. Pick up a bedding set with coordinating pieces for simple summer decorating.


Store Winter Bedding

After laundering your flannel sheets and heavy comforter, you’ll want to store them properly, so they’ll be ready for you when it gets cold again. Make sure they are clean and dry, then store them in your linen closet or in a storage bench at the foot of your bed. Add a scented dryer sheet just as you did with your warm weather bedding, and they’ll smell fresh when you pull them out next fall.


Shop Off-Season

Buy seasonal bedding off-season for the best bargains. Buy summer bedding when it is on clearance in the fall and store it in a linen closet with a fresh-scented dryer sheet. That way, when the sun starts shining again, you’ll be able to immediately break out your scented bed linens.