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How to Organize Your Jewelry Armoire

by Maegan Crandall

A nice wood jewelry armoire

You saved up for that deluxe jewelry box or had it on your holiday wish list for years, but now that you have it, you are faced with the task of organizing your jewelry. A jewelry armoire is equipped with seemingly endless compartments, hooks and drawers for storing an extensive jewelry collection. For some, these compartments make organizing a jewelry armoire simple, but all the space can overwhelm other jewelry lovers. How do you assign each piece of jewelry in your collection a slot, box or hook? This guide will help you organize your jewelry box by highlighting each type of jewelry and its storage options.

Organizing Your Jewelry Armoire:

  1. Necklaces: Jewelry armoires have hooks for necklaces, which will keep them from getting tangled. Ideally, each necklace should have its own hook, but several necklaces can be stored on each hook if you collect a lot of chains and strands. Necklaces can be hung with pendants attached, or you can remove pendants and keep them in their own compartment.

  2. Rings: Your jewelry armoire should have velvet or fabric-covered slots for rings. These slots may be long tubes sitting side-by-side to hold your rings securely. When storing your rings in armoire slots, leave space between each piece; the diamonds on your engagement ring can scratch the coral on your vintage cocktail ring.

  3. Bracelets: Bracelets are a little trickier to store than other types of jewelry because they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Chain bracelets are often small enough to hang on hooks. Most jewelry armoires also include long slots for clasp bracelets. Bulky bangles and cuff bracelets can be stored in large drawers. Some armoires have tubes for storing bulky bracelets.

  4. Earrings: All jewelry armoires should be equipped with a special section for earrings. Studs and dangling earrings can be hung on hooks or threaded through holes. Clip-on earrings can be stored in small compartments. Large earrings, such as oversized hoops, can also be stored in compartments.

  5. Brooches: Jewelry armoires should have extra drawers for storing brooches, pins, pendants and other non-uniform pieces. Assign each brooch and pin a drawer or group smaller pins in one compartment.

  6. Watches: You can store your watches in your jewelry armoire, too. Bracelet slots are good for petite watches; drawers are best for bulky watches.

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