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How to Organize Scrapbooking Supplies

by Staff Writer

Very well organized scrapbooking area

Things You Need:

  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Organizational supplies
  • Labels

If you are an avid scrapbooker, then you probably have tons of supplies, and if you are not organized, it can create many problems. You can lose important pictures, misplace expensive scrapbook paper or wind up purchasing items that you already have if you do not keep your scrapbooking supplies organized. Using scrapbooking storage and organization, you can ensure that when you sit down to scrapbook, you know where everything is and can jump right into the fun of the hobby without all the hassle and frustration of not being able to find anything. Our tips on scrapbooking organization will help you keep your work space neat and clean.

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies:

  1. Before you can begin organizing your scrapbooking supplies, you must decide what organizational items you need. There are many storage solutions made specifically for scrapbooking organization, from large-scale systems that fill a wall to small, portable scrapbooking cases. Which organizational supplies you purchase depends on how much room you have and how much you have to store. In addition to larger organizational supplies, there are several other smaller items you can purchase that will help you stay organized. Expandable files hold scrapbook paper, photos, stickers and other small, flat items, while pencil boxes keep jars of glitter and scrapbooking pens contained. Think carefully about your needs before purchasing your scrapbooking storage supplies.

  2. Organizing your supplies will require some time. In actuality, no one can really tell you how to organize your scrapbooking supplies because you are the one who will need to know where everything is. Try grouping similar items together and using labels to make everything easy to find. You can spend an afternoon with all your supplies at the kitchen table and get organized in a few quick hours, or you might prefer to organize your supplies as you scrapbook, putting things away in their new spot as you go along.

  3. Maintaining your organization will continue to make your life easier. Once you have organized all of your supplies, be careful not to let it all go to waste by avoiding attentive clean-up. Be sure that your organizational system will allow you to easily keep up with it: If it is too complicated, you will be more likely to slack off. You might consider spending an afternoon re-organizing your supplies now and then. This will be especially helpful if you regularly purchase a lot of new supplies or spend a lot of time scrapbooking.

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