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How to Organize CDs

by Kaye Morris


For music enthusiasts, a huge CD collection is a matter of personal pride and satisfaction, but with hundreds or thousands of CDs to manage, finding the one you want to listen to gets harder every time you add a new CD to your stack. Organizing your music with a logical filing method is the only way to take control of your collection. Organizing your music allows you to put your hands on the CD you want to listen to in a matter of minutes. Look below to learn how to organize CDs.

Organizing CDs:

  1. Pick a method. Determine a method to file your CDs. You can place the CDs in alphabetical order according to the CD, alphabetical order according to the artist or create groups of CDs based on genre or era. Choose the method of filing that will make CDs easiest for you to locate and easiest to incorporate new purchases into.

  2. Decide on a location. Decide if all your CDs will be in one location. You may have music that you listen to only while sleeping or bathing and CDs you play only while working out. Consider storing CDs in the location in which they are used.

  3. Divide the CDs. Divide the CDs by location and then place them in filing order based on the method you chose in the first step. This is a good time to rid your collection of music you no longer listen to.

  4. Select a CD storage method. Many options are available when choosing CD storage, such as cabinets, shelves, racks and cases. If you have the available room and are picky about maintaining CDs in their jewel cases, a cabinet or shelf may be a good choice. If you have limited space and are not overly concerned with jewel cases, then CD books are a good option.

  5. Make a list. Create a master list of your CDs by location as you are placing them in their storage space. A handy master list helps prevent you from purchasing CDs you already own and can be used to make notes when friends and family borrow your CDs. If you are the victim of a crime or natural disaster, a master list is good support for an insurance claim.

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