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How to Organize a Dresser


As dreadful as it may seem, your dresser could probably use some organization. (The clue is when you spend more than five minutes looking for something that you should be able to find instantly.) No matter how hard you try, it seems like a bedroom's dresser can never be tamed, but with these helpful tips and a complete organizing overhaul, you'll find it easier to keep yours consistently tidy.

Organizing Your Dresser:

  1. Clear it out: If you don't think you have enough time to get it all done in one day, just organize one drawer at a time. If you have a lot of emotional attachment to some items, this may be a good way to keep the project from overwhelming you. But if you're serious about getting your dresser organized, then the first step is to start with a blank slate. Clear out all the drawers in the dresser for a fresh start. You may want to have a friend help you, especially if you think you'll want someone's opinion about what to keep.

  2. Separate: Once you've removed the clothes from your dresser, it's time to sort them out. Make piles for similar items, such as socks, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans and underwear. Do you have non-clothing items in your bedroom dresser? It's time to move them out of your dresser and decide where they really belong. If there's a lot of random stuff, collect them in a storage bin and move them out of your bedroom for now, so you can focus on your dresser.

  3. Make the cut: One of the major causes of dresser disorganization is the buildup of old clothing. After you've sorted everything, take an inventory of the clothes you need and the clothes that have worn out. It's hard to let go of some articles of clothing, but take a look at the things you haven't worn in ages and seriously consider if they're worth having around. Rule of thumb: If you haven't worn it in a year, then it's time to part ways. Once you've decided what has to go, put it in a bag and drop it off at a thrift or consignment store.

  4. Make a plan: With everything sorted out, decide what clothes will occupy which drawer. Remember to keep similar items together, but you can decide what that means for you. You could put all socks in one drawer, all underwear in another, and so on. Or you could put your gym clothes, gym socks, and sports bras together, and then put your fancier undergarments with your nice stockings. The system that makes sense for you will be the easiest to maintain, just be sure to choose one method and stick to it.

  5. Fold and pair: While keeping your plan in mind, start folding clothing items and pairing socks according to how they'll be placed in the dresser. You can decide how precise you want to be with this; T-shirt folders and drawer dividers can make it easy to take your organization to the next level.

  6. Refill: Replace your clothes in the dresser according to your plan. The next time you put away clean laundry, make sure to keep the plan going, and you'll never have to spend more than a moment getting what you need from your dresser again.

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