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How to Move a King Size Bed

How to Move a King Size Bed

How to Move a King Size Bed
When you're moving to a new residence, king beds are often some of the last items you want to pack, but moving king beds doesn't have to be an excruciating ordeal. The moving process will be slightly different whether you have platform beds, storage beds, a canopy bed, sleigh bed or another model of king-size bed, but there are a few things you can do to make moving king beds a bit easier. Don't let moving your king-size bed become a hassle; follow these tips to make it as easy as possible.
How to Move a King Size Bed

Tips on Moving King Beds:


Move the mattress and box spring.

A king-size mattress can be a bit heavy. However, with the help of one or two people, you shouldn’t have too much trouble moving it out of the house. The average door in an American home is 80 inches tall. Considering king-size mattresses are 80 inches by 76 inches, you shouldn’t have to force it through any doorways. A California king mattress is too long to fit through the door standing up, but it is only 72 inches wide. Some beds, like platform beds, don’t come with a box spring. If your bed does come with a box spring, it is usually very light and shouldn’t be a problem aside from being a bit awkward and bulky to carry. To save space, the mattress and box spring can easily be placed on their sides, standing up, inside a moving


Disassemble the bed frame.

Trying to move most king bed frames without disassembly is going to be very difficult, especially if the bed has a king headboard. When you buy king beds, make sure to keep the assembly directions so you know how to do it in reverse. With some basic tools, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. If you have a storage king bed, make sure to empty all the drawers and remove them from the frame. You’ll want to replace the empty drawers in the moving van to give extra support to the frame, but it will be lighter to carry outside without them.


Wrap it and pack it.

After you get it outside, wrap the bed frame completely in blankets to prevent scratching, especially if you have a wooden bed frame. You can secure the blankets over the king bed frame with duct tape. Once you arrive at your location, just repeat these steps in reverse.