How to Move Dressers



You've waited as long as possible, carrying every other piece of furniture in your home out to the moving van. Now it's time to move the dressers. Although they can look intimidating, moving them can be made quite a bit easier by just following a few simple steps. Not only will you be able to minimize the hassle in transporting your dressers; you'll be able to do it without causing them any damage. Follow these tips to make the trip safer and easier.

Moving Your Dresser:

  1. Think about dismantling the dresser. If you assembled your chest of drawers when you bought it, try to find the instructions and do them in reverse. Some dressers aren't supposed to be disassembled, so don't force it. However, if your dresser can be disassembled and is especially large, this might be the way to go. Otherwise, follow the rest of the steps.

  2. Remove the drawers. Before you carry it outside, be sure to take out the drawers from your bedroom dresser. This will significantly lighten the dresser, so it is easier to carry outside. Especially if you will be going up or down stairs, you'll be happy to shed the extra weight. Plus, the lighter the load, the less likely you are to bang a corner against a wall on the way out.

  3. Replace the drawers. Yes, after all the trouble of removing the drawers from your bedroom dressers, you have to put them back in. Now that you have your chest of drawers outside, you don't need the cut on weight. Sliding the drawers back into the dresser will not only save space in your moving truck; it will also reinforce the structure of your dressers and chests, so they don't get warped or damaged while in transit. However, make sure the drawers are empty of all hard or heavy items. You don't want those things rocking around inside the truck. Plus, too much weight can cause unnecessary pressure on the drawers while they are being moved.

  4. Pad the dresser. Use a large blanket to completely surround your dressers. After you have completely wrapped your dresser in a blanket, wrap it in tape, so it won't come off. This will prevent your dresser from getting scratched against other items of furniture. Usually, you'll have things packed very tightly together, so make sure your chest of drawers is protected on all sides.

  5. Rewind and repeat. Once you reach your new destination, repeat the steps in reverse order.

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