How to Mix Metal Decor in Your Home
Choose Metals That Work With Your Color Palette

Choose Metal Decor That Works With Your Color Palette

Tone Type Complementary Colors
Warm Metals Brass, Copper, Gold, Nickel Brown, Red, Yellow
Cool Metals Silver, Chrome, Steel, Aluminum Blue, Green, Grey, Purple
Neutral Metals Cast Iron Any Color Scheme


Neutral colors and darker tones typically go best with mixed-metal decor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other fun and exciting options. If the metals you’re mixing are close enough in tone, you can try a complementary color scheme to really make the metal accents pop. For example, using shades of blue in a room with gold and brass will really make those metal elements stand out. You might bring these metal tones in through a mirror, lamp base, or a decorative bowl or tray.

Decide on a Primary Metal and an Accent Metal

Decide on a Primary Metal & Accent Metal

Your primary metal is going to be the dominant presence in your decor. Incorporate this metallic trend into your room with wall art, chair and sofa legs, and other furniture elements so you have it represented throughout your space. You can then fill in decor gaps with pieces in your accent metal. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for something close to a 70:30 primary-to-secondary ratio in your room.

Don't Crowd Metal Elements

Don’t Crowd All Metallics Into the Same Area

The last thing you want is for any room to feel overwhelmed by your metallic decor. To avoid overcrowding, try to keep a good amount of space between metal elements. If that’s not possible, do your best to arrange metal decor at varying heights, like in lighting and kitchen fixtures. This practice will help you achieve a visually interesting and balanced arrangement. A little space can make the difference between complementing and clashing metals.

Mix Different Metals in Similar Designs

Mix Different Metals in Similar Designs

You can get away with pairing two completely different-toned metals if they share other common features. For example, a bedroom headboard with a rectangular chrome outline looks stunning alongside a nightstand with rectangular gold legs. Etched patterns or designs can also tie separate metal accents together. Find a recurring motif you love and implement related decor in mixed metals to make it shine.

Combine Metals With Different Finishes

Combine Metal Decor With Different Finishes

Variety is the spice of a well-decorated space. Keep your metal decor interesting by using different finishes that can give the same metal a completely different look. A tarnished or matte finish forgoes shine for a raw, industrial feel. Polished metals offer a bright and luxurious tone for a smooth contemporary interior, while a hammered finish adds gorgeous rustic texture to your decor. Combine these unique finishes for a fresh and varied metallic layout.

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