How to Mimic Hotel Bedding

Everyone loves hotel bedding. Hotel bedding seems to have it all: comfort, style and an undeniable element of tidiness. The apparently perfect nature of hotel bedding can seem impossible to duplicate at home. Achieving the welcoming, aesthetically pleasing nature of hotel bedding might seem difficult, but it's not impossible. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to replicate the hotel bedding "feel" in your bedroom. If you're interested in keeping your bed looking and feeling its best, take a look at the helpful article below to learn how to mimic hotel bedding.

Five Star Bedding:

Find the right stuff.

The first step you will need to take in mimicking hotel bedding is choosing great bedding. Hotels choose soft, durable bedding for their rooms, and so can you. Look for bed linens created from fabrics such as Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton. Find a bedspread that’s simple yet stylish. Look for bedding that will keep you warm but not uncomfortably so.

Keep it clean.

If you want to ensure the comfort of your bed approaches that of hotel bedding, it’s essential to keep it clean. A bed covered in stale, dirty bedding is as far from hotel bedding as you can get. Remember that hotel bedding is changed every morning. You don’t have to go that far to match hotel bedding, but make sure you change and clean your bed linens at least every two weeks. Clean your bedspread at least every few months to remove any lingering odors, dander or dust.

Pull it tight.

Learn to make a bed properly if you want to mimic hotel bedding. Hotel beds generally have tightly pulled bed linens which are topped off by a blanket and a bedspread. Make sure to fluff your pillows to really get the hotel feel down.

Accent it.

One element of hotel bedding that many often overlook is how it’s accented. Hotel bedding often features accents such as pillows and throws that you don’t see in home bedding. In order to truly mimic hotel bedding, you will want to find some stylish accents for your bed.

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