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How to Measure for Tuxedo Vests

How to Measure for Tuxedo Vests

How to Measure for Tuxedo Vests
A perfectly fitted tuxedo makes any man look like a million bucks, but if just one element isn't sized correctly, it can spoil the whole look. Measuring properly to make sure that each element fits is essential, yet many people only measure for the suit jacket and pants. Tuxedo vest measurements are just as important as other parts of formalwear because the way the vest hangs will affect the look of the entire top half of the tuxedo. Here's how to make sure your total ensemble, especially your tuxedo vest, fits perfectly for your special day.
How to Measure for Tuxedo Vests

Measuring for Tuxedo Vests:


Dress in the tuxedo pants and shirt you will be wearing.

Make sure you also wear the belt and that your shirt is neatly tucked in.


Find a friend to help measure you.

Stretch the measuring tape from the bottom of the back of your collar to the top of your pants for the first measurement and record it.


Have your friend measure the circumference of your chest at your armpits.

Keep your arms relaxed but held slightly away from your body while the measurement is taken. Do not suck in or pull the tape tight because you will end up with a tight-fitting vest that you can’t breathe in.


Measure your waist just above the waistband of your pants.

Again, do not measure your waist too tightly, or the vest will not fit correctly.


Choose an adjustable vest if possible.

This will allow it to fit your biggest tuxedo vest measurement if you make the proper adjustments. If the vest is too large in spots, choose a different size or have a tailor alter it to fit. Be sure that the neck strap is adjusted so that the vest hits your waistband at the right spot. This is particularly important when fitting vests for a wedding party: Everyone’s vest should come to the same level underneath their jackets.


Look for a size that accommodates your largest measurements.

This is only necessary if you are wearing a nonadjustable vest. Have the tuxedo vest taken in to accommodate your other measurements. You may need to try several sizes to find the one that requires the least amount of tailoring.