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How to Measure for Blinds

How to Measure for Blinds

kitchen blinds
Controlling privacy and natural light in a room is much easier with properly fitted blinds. While the depth of your window frame will dictate the best way to mount your blinds, there are a few measurement rules to follow. Read on to learn how to measure your windows for vertical and horizontal blinds.

Measure the Height of the Window Opening

kitchen blinds

Start your measuring from the bottom, either at the window sill or wherever you want the blinds to stop. Measure vertically to the top of the window from the left, center, and right sides. Use the longest measurement as your main reference.


Add at least 3 inches to the top to be able to mount brackets above the frame. Then add your desired overlap at the bottom. If your blinds will hang down to the floor or to the window sill, deduct at least one-half inch for clearance. If you’re hanging blinds on a French or sliding glass door, use extension brackets to avoid the door handle.


Measure the Width of the Window Opening

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Start at the side of the window frame and measure across the bottom, center, and top of your window. It’s okay if your window isn’t perfectly even. Use the narrowest measurement for the best coverage. This is important if you want your blinds to hang flush with your window. Adding at least 4 inches to each side of the window frame will give you a bit of overlap, ensuring you don’t have gaps that can let in light.

Disclaimer: Blind measurements are determined by width first and then length. Putting these numbers in the wrong order could result in blinds that won’t fit your window or door.