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How to Measure a Watch Case

How to Measure a Watch Case

How to Measure a Watch Case
You may need to measure the case of a watch when you purchase a new watchband or shop for a new wristwatch. A watch case is the part of the watch that houses the dial, battery, movement, and other internal working parts. A watch case can be any size, so knowing the exact measurements can be very useful as you shop or look for watch accessories. You can use wristwatch case measurements to choose new watchbands or find a men's or women's watch with the right-sized dial for your look and style. Follow these steps to quickly and accurately measure a watch case.
How to Measure a Watch Case

Locate the Lugs

The lugs of a watch, also known as the arms, are the parts that extend from the top and from the bottom of the watch case and connect to the watch band. The lugs hold the watch band in place with the help of a small rod or pin. Watch lugs on both men’s watches and women’s watches can be different widths and lengths, depending on the watch brand and model. That’s why getting watch case measurements is so important.

Measure the Space Between Lugs

It is important to be precise when measuring the space between watch lugs. Use a metric ruler with clear millimeter markings and don’t estimate. The millimeter is a the most precise unit for this task and you should take extra care while measuring to ensure you get a correct reading. Be sure to measure the space between both sets of lugs to be certain that the measurements are the same.

Measure the Watch Face

Measuring the watch face can help you visualize how new watchbands will look, and it can also be useful when shopping for an entirely new watch. Measure across from one side of the watch to the other to get the diameter of the watch face. Millimeters are still recommended for an accurate measurement, although other units may be used by some watch retailers.

Watch Measuring

You might be able to take a shortcut if you are looking for measurements for new watchbands. Check the back of your existing watchbands for a number, which may be listed with the abbreviation “mm” for millimeters. This number is the measurement for the area between the watch arms and is indicative of the size you will want to purchase.