How to Match an Ottoman and Chair

How to Match an Ottoman and Chair

blue chair and ottoman set
blue chair and ottoman set

When you add new furniture to your living room, like an ottoman or accent chair, it’s important that they coordinate with your already existing furniture. Much like coordinating clothing, matching different pieces of furniture is important for creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing room. When you’re matching an ottoman with a chair, it’s especially important to get a piece that matches or compliments the furniture that you already have, especially since these two items will sit in such close proximity to each other. Keep reading for tips on how to match ottoman and chair.

How to Match an Ottoman and Chair


Match the ottoman’s height to the chair’s.

Sit in your chair and experiment with different ottoman heights by stacking items like boxes and pillows to create a makeshift footrest until you’ve found the most comfortable height. Measure this height and use it as the standard when shopping for an ottoman.


Match your chair’s style.

If your chair is still relatively new, check the furniture manufacturer to see if there is an ottoman made to go with your chair, as this will be the most ideal pairing. If there isn’t one, then you’ll need to find the next best fit. Be sure that your ottoman and chair, especially a leather chair, don’t look as if they come from drastically different eras or fashion concepts. Also, bear in mind that the plainer something is, the easier it will be to coordinate, while more elaborate and showy designs and fabric patterns are tougher to pair with others.


Coordinate colors.

If your chair doesn’t come with a matching ottoman, you should avoid buying one in the same color and instead find one that coordinates or compliments your chair. Dye lots differ from batch to batch and from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s almost impossible to exactly match color. Instead, invest in ottomans and other living room furniture that feature complementary or accent colors or patterns for best results.


Make sure your textures work well together.

Living room furniture has a lot of sway over the way your home looks. Clashing textures will give your otherwise matching living room a chaotic look and feel. For example, if you have a leather chair, you will probably want to avoid a microfiber ottoman and instead choose an ottoman made from leather.