How to Make Jewelry as Unique as You Are



How much fun and satisfaction would you have in creating jewelry for gifts or for yourself at a reasonable cost? Jewelry making is a hip and stylish trend that keeps growing in popularity. Even if crafts aren't your hobby, you'll find that kits and idea books make it easy to design stylish necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Find out why jewelry making is such a big part of the arts and crafts industry.

Jewelry Made by You:

  1. Learn the basics with a how-to kit. Many jewelry kits include a gorgeous bundle of elements, such as beads, charms, strands, and pendants. The kit may also include some tools to help you learn basic techniques. Your first piece might not be an original, but you'll gain valuable skills while making it. If you're introducing a child to this hobby, look for bead and jewelry kits made just for children. Kids can make friendship bracelets, charms, and even their own colorful beads.

  2. Books can inspire your creativity. With all the attention being paid to vintage rhinestones, baubles, and beads, reference guides were bound to follow suit. There are dozens of jewelry titles available for you to pore over for information and ideas, and new guides are being released regularly. Be sure to get a notebook or journal, too, so you can make sketches of your patterns, write down helpful hints, and make lists of the supplies you'll need for each project.

  3. The right tools give you more design options. After completing the crafts offered by your first jewelry kit, you'll be ready to follow more complicated patterns and use more advanced techniques. You'll need needle-nose pliers, wire, crimping beads, wire cutters, scissors, and tweezers, all sized for detailed work. Choose your hardware according to what pieces you prefer to make: cording, chains, and clasps for bracelets and necklaces; hooks, studs, and lever-back clasps for earrings. Gather your jewelry-making tools in a convenient storage box or tote, so you'll have everything you need whenever you're feeling artistic.

  4. Make the jewelry you've always wanted with colorful beads. Make earrings to match every outfit in your closet or create necklaces as special homemade gifts. Luckily, beads are available in a seemingly endless variety, made of glass, metal, clay, and even semiprecious gemstones. Take the handmade process one step further by reading this guide for making clay beads. Make some of your own and you'll know you won't see your fashion accessories on everyone else.

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