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How to Make Fragrance Candles

by Staff Writer

Pillar candles

Things You Need:

  • Wax or gel candle base
  • Containers
  • Scenting oil
  • Dye
  • Candlewicks
  • Knife
  • Double boiler
  • Metal spoon
  • Eyedropper
  • Scissors

Making your own fragrance candles is a fun way to decorate your home. Homemade scented candles make good gifts, they save you money on home decor, and they can even be the profitable foundation of a home business. Fragrance candles come in many different scents, and making your own allows you to customize the way your home smells to represent your personality and welcome friends and family in a positive way. Scented candles are also great for various holidays and can go in any room in your home. Fragrance candle making only requires some simple crafts and a basic set of kitchen skills. The rest of the equation is all fun and creativity!

Making Fragrance Candles:

  1. There are a few different ways to make fragrance candles. The style you choose to make will depend on how much you want to spend on supplies, what kinds of candles you want and how difficult you want the process to be. Gel candles, for example, are typically easier to make and can also be less expensive, but they will have a completely different aesthetic than wax candles. If you choose to make wax candles then you will need to choose between a variety of wax bases, including paraffin wax, soy wax, bees wax and palm wax. Each type of wax has its pros and cons, but they all have a similar production process.

  2. Choosing your scents, colors and containers can be a very fun process. One of the best parts about candle making is that you can choose which scents and colors you like best, as well as how you will present your candles. Both gel and wax candles can be poured into just about any style of container, as long as it is made of glass or another material that can withstand high levels of heat, such as metal. For rustic candles, try pouring the wax into old-fashioned mason jars or antique metal containers. If you want a candle that looks store-bought, use fancy glass jars and pretty labels. Selecting your fragrances and dyes is a big part of the creative process and it is all about personal preference. For a simpler way of making fragrance candles, consider pre-scented wax or gel. On the other hand, buying the fragrance oils separately will allow you to customize your scents more specifically.

  3. The process of making fragrance candles is quite simple. Once you have selected your wax or gel base, dyes, fragrances and containers, you are ready to assemble your candles. In a double boiler, which you can make by placing a metal bowl over a pan of boiling water, melt the wax or gel. Cutting up the wax into small pieces will help it to melt faster and stirring the wax or gel with a metal spoon will ensure even heat distribution. Once the wax or gel is liquefied, you can add the dyes and fragrances with an eye dropper if needed and stir with a metal spoon to evenly distribute the color and scent. Place your candlewicks into your containers and pour the wax or gel into them. Before allowing the candles to cool, be sure to center your wick and if it will not stand up on its own, wind the wick around a pencil and place the pencil over the jar to hold the wick in place. Once the wax or gel has cooled, you may want to trim the wicks to the appropriate length. Then you will be ready to use your candles or wrap them up for giving!


  1. Your wax and other supplies will come with basic instructions. Always read and follow all manufacturer instructions and warnings.

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