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How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

by Karen Yvonne Ellis

Wedding bouquet

Things You Need:

  • Flowers
  • Florist wire
  • Satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Florist tape

Tie-style wedding bouquets are the easiest kind of bouquet you can make, perfect for budget wedding flowers. With a few supplies and some pretty blossoms, you can have beautiful wedding flowers for your special day. Silk flower bouquets can be prepared weeks or months before the actual wedding. If you choose to use fresh flowers, however, delegate the preparation to a friend, family member or wedding party member, as these wedding bouquets must be made the day before or the day of the wedding.

Making a Wedding Bouquet:

  1. Remove the leaves. Before you begin to assemble the bouquet, remove the leaves from all of the flowers. Set the leaves aside. You can add some leaves later to the underside of the bouquet.

  2. Choose the center flower. Assess the wedding flowers and choose one to three blossoms that are large and open. These flowers will be the centerpiece of the arrangement.

  3. Create the shape. Add other flowers around your center flower(s), creating a slight dome shape for your wedding bouquet. If desired, place some leafy stems around the underside of the flowers.

  4. Tie the flowers. Using floral wire, tie the stems together, starting an inch below the blooms and along the stems. Wire tightly down 6 inches, crisscross the wires and work back to the top. Trim the wire. Twist the two ends together and push the wires down so that they lie flat against the stems.

  5. Wrap floral tape over the wire to cover it. Start at the top of the wired area, pulling the tape slightly as you wrap. Floral tape stretches and sticks as you pull it. Wrap down to the bottom of the wire and break off the tape.

  6. Wrap satin ribbon over the tape. Use ribbon that is 1-inch wide or wider. Starting from the bottom of the taped section, leave a tail of ribbon of about 5 inches. Wrap the ribbon up to the top of the tape. Then wrap it back down to the beginning of the ribbon, once again leaving a 5-inch tail.

  7. Tie the ribbon to complete the design. Tie the two tails together. Use a double knot or make a bow. Now trim the ribbon for a neat, finished appearance. Trim the flower stems straight across the bottom about 5 to 6 inches from the bottom of the ribbon. If the bridal bouquet has fresh flowers, place the stems in water immediately after cutting. Leave the bouquet in a cool location.

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