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How to Maintain a Body Pillow

How to Maintain a Body Pillow

How to Maintain a Body Pillow
Like all pillows, body pillows will last longer if they are properly cared for. Whether you use a body pillow to cradle knee joints or as the perfect lounging companion, a body pillow can become worn out and uncomfortable over time. Luckily, it's easy to maintain a body pillow and make it last for a little bit longer if you follow these tips.
How to Maintain a Body Pillow

Caring for Your Body Pillow:

Cover It

The best way to keep your body pillow looking new is by covering it. Body pillows can absorb sweat, dust and skin particles over their lifetimes, so it’s smart to keep them covered with pillowcases that are made for long body pillows. If you don’t have a body-pillow case, consider wrapping yours with two regular pillowcases or covering it with a sheet or blanket.

Shake It

Make it a habit to uncover and shake your body pillow frequently, such as every time you change your sheets. By shaking your pillow, you’ll remove any built-up dust or dander that may have made its way past your cover. Take this time to switch out the body pillow’s cover with a fresh, clean one.

Wash It

Although your pillow’s cover will protect it from the majority of elements that threaten to soil it, it may need the occasional washing. Check the tag to make sure the pillow is machine washable before proceeding, and then wash it on a low-heat setting. Some pillows can be machine dried, but check the care instructions before doing so. If it can’t be dried in a dryer, leave it in an open, well-lit and ventilated area until dry. Since body pillows are large, you may need to take it to a laundromat and wash it in an oversized washing machine.

Fluff It

If your body pillow is feeling a bit lumpy or even flat, the problem can usually be solved by a bit of light fluffing. Fluff your body pillow every couple of weeks to ensure maximum comfort. You may also want to try repositioning your body pillow each time you use it to equally distribute the wear.