How to Load Pictures onto a Digital Frame

by Lindsay Wilcox

Whether you buy a digital frame as a gift or indulge in an LCD digital photo frame for yourself, you'll need to know the easiest way to upload pictures. While each digital picture frame is different, this guide will provide you with tips on loading your pictures to the right digital frame so you can easily show them off at work or at home.

Using Your Digital Frame:

How to Load Pictures onto a Digital Frame

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  • Decide which photos you want on your frame.

    The best digital photo frame will display hundreds of pictures with quality colors and resolution; however, you'll want to browse through your photo library and decide which images are suitable to display, especially if you'll be taking your photo frames to work. You'll also want to consider the size of your frame when selecting images; a 7-inch digital photo frame or smaller will probably not display panoramic photos very well. Make sure to crop photos based on the size of your electronic picture frame so that they are displayed correctly.

  • Convert images to a universal format.

    Some photo frames are unable to read obscure file names or show pictures that have been touched up with photo-editing software. If you're unsure of the formats your electronic picture frame accepts, save your images in a JPG format; most frames support these images.

  • Insert your memory card.

    One of the simplest ways to upload pictures to your digital photo frame is to remove the memory card from your digital camera, especially if you don't have a computer. Before doing this, however, check your digital photo frame to be sure that it accepts the memory card from your camera. If not, you'll need to purchase a compatible card or memory card adapter to upload pictures. Once you insert your memory card, you'll also be able to delete images you don't want on your LCD digital photo frame, too.

  • Use a flash drive.

    If you want to fill your 7-inch digital photo frame with older photos no longer on your memory card, you'll want to use a flash drive. Simply insert the flash drive into your computer, browse your photo library and copy the images you want onto the drive. Once you plug it into your digital picture frame, you can either save the images if your frame has sufficient internal memory or leave the flash drive in your frame.

  • Connect wirelessly.

    If you purchased a wireless digital frame, you're in luck -- once you enter the password for your wireless Internet connection on the frame and install the software on your computer, you should be able to upload photos from your computer and even from social networking sites, such as Facebook, without a drive or memory card. You can also use a wireless digital frame to access images from photo-sharing sites, such as Flickr.

  • Customize your frame.

    Once you have your images uploaded, read the manual included with your frame to set up slideshow and display options. The best digital photo frame will allow you to configure your photos to dissolve on-screen, display for a set amount of time and even upload MP3 files to set music to your slideshow.