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How to Load a Pricing Gun

by Catherine Amo

Pricing gun with several label rolls

A pricing gun, or price gun, is a device used to affix printed pricemarker labels on items for sale. Pricing guns are used primarily for price marking by retailers, but they are also helpful for coding and labeling inventory. Program the pricing gun with the information you wish to place on your items, and it will print your input on the labels fed into it. There are different models of label guns, but all rely on a basic loading method.

Loading a Price Gun:

  1. Prepare the label roll. Pull a strip that is about 10 inches long from the roll of pricing gun labels. Remove the labels from the strip so you are left with backing paper. Make the short edge of the backing paper even. You may trim it with a pair of scissors or fold the paper and then tear at the fold. This will prevent the paper from getting caught in the pricing gun as you are feeding it in.

  2. Insert the label roll into the price gun. Typically the top of the pricing gun can be released and folded back, revealing the old label roll. Remove the old roll's spindle. Place the new roll of labels into the slot at the back of the pricing gun. The loose strip of backing paper should be on top of the roll.

  3. Feed the paper strip into the gun mechanism. Hold down the trigger of the pricing gun as you prepare to feed the backing paper into the gun. This will release the mechanisms so you can feed the paper easily.

    • Push the edge of the backing paper through the slot above the roll of labels. Look for arrows that indicate the direction the paper should go. Feed the paper in until it appears through a slot in front of the pricing gun.

    • Push the edge of the paper under the plastic strip and push it up to the top. The printing on the labels occurs behind this plastic strip, which is above the slot through which the paper emerged. Push the trigger down and pull the paper out.

    • Feed the paper into the second slot at the bottom of the pricing gun. This slot is beneath the slot through which the backing paper emerged but just above the trigger. Press the trigger down to push the paper in.

  4. Test a few labels. Press the trigger several times until the paper is taut and a label appears. If the labels print properly and the adhesive backing of each label is exposed properly when you pull the trigger, you'll know you've loaded the pricing gun correctly.

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