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How to Line Dresser Drawers

by Staff Writer


Things You Need:

  • Paper or fabric lining
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors or exacto knife
  • Glue
  • Brush or sponge
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder

The lining in your dressers will not only protect your clothes from snags and splinters but can also add a surprising splash of color and fashion to your bedroom furniture. Most dressers do not come with liners, so in order to protect your clothes, it's important that you install you own dresser drawer liners. Well-lined dresser drawers are the key to preserving your clothes. Fortunately, keeping your clothes fresh and clean by lining your dresser is easy. Take a look below for some handy tips on how to line dresser drawers.

Lining Your Dresser Drawers:

  1. Empty your dresser drawers. The job will go faster if you empty your dresser drawers completely all at once instead of one at a time. Give yourself enough space. Remove the drawers from the dresser if possible.

  2. Measure. Measure your drawers carefully with your measuring tape. It saves you time to measure the dimensions twice and then only cut the paper once. With the measurements on hand, cut your lining according to the exact dimensions. Use a straight edge or ruler for clean, even lines. Cutting the lining paper according to the exact dimensions ensures the lining of your dresser drawers will be smooth. If you cut the paper too small, you'll have to do it over. If the lining paper is too big, you run the risk of having wrinkles or air pockets on the bottom of your dresser drawers. To double-check you've cut the liner correctly, place the paper in the bottom of the drawer before you apply to glue to make sure you have a perfect fit.

  3. Apply glue. Apply glue to the bottom of the drawer evenly with a sponge brush. Avoid using too much or too little, as it will cause your lining to bunch up or not stick at all. Pay special attention to the edges and corner of your lining paper or fabric.

  4. Place liner in the drawer. Line up one edge of the lining inside the drawer and press it into place, smoothing it down and pressing bubbles out as you work across the surface.

  5. Smooth completely. Run the bone folder over each sheet of lining, working out any bubbles or wrinkles. Don't smooth the liner back and forth, as you'll just move the bubbles around. Work from the center out.

  6. Add finishing touches. Add any finishing touches, such as scents or insect repellants you have purchased or made on your own. Allow your dresser drawer liners to dry and set before you put your clothes and other items back into your dresser drawers.

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