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How to Install Storage Shelves in the Garage

by Paul Sanders

A new garage needs new storage shelves

Things You Need:

  • Storage shelves
  • Standards
  • Power drill
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Drywall anchors

The garage has some of the most underused space in your home. The vertical space and wall space in your garage is one of the best places to for long-term storage and organization. One great way to take advantage of that storage space is to use storage shelves and organizers. Here are some simple steps to help you install storage shelves in your garage using shelving standards and planks.

Installing Storage Shelves:

  1. Measure the available space. Alwasys double-check your measurements to save time. The horizontal and vertical measurements will help you decide how many storage shelves you will need and how long they should be.

  2. Use the stud finder and mark wall studs with a pencil. You'll use these guidelines to place your standards.

  3. Use the level to mark locations for your anchors and screws. Place screws on wall studs if possible. Avoid relying on measuring from the ceiling or floor, as they may not be level. If your storage shelves aren't level, items may slide or roll off.

  4. Drill the holes for your anchors and screws. Drill pilot holes according the markings you've made. If you aren't attaching the standards to a stud, you'll need to insert drywall anchors or butterfly bolts to hold them. You may need two or three standards to hold each of your storage shelves, depending on how long they are.

  5. Attach the shelving standards. Attach the standards using the holes and anchors you've installed. The anchors will expand with the screws inside them to fit tightly inside the wall. Use the level to make sure the standards are perfectly vertical.

  6. Insert the shelving brackets. The brackets will fit into the holes on the shelving standards and slip downward into place. Give each bracket a tap with a hammer to ensure it is properly inserted.

  7. Place your storage shelves. Place the storage shelves on the brackets. Depending on the storage shelves you use, the brackets may hook around the outside edge of the shelves or they may hook into a channel on the underside of the storage shelves. Double-check each shelf with your level.

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