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How To Install A Ceiling Fan

How To Install A Ceiling Fan

how to install a ceiling fan

Installing your own ceiling fan is a surprisingly easy DIY project. As long as your home is wired for a fan, you can complete the installation in an afternoon. To help you get started, we’ve put together a beginner-friendly guide that walks you through the process of hanging a fan-only model. If your fan has a light kit, check back for our future tutorial on how to install a ceiling fan with a light.


Disclaimer: it’s important to consult or hire a licensed electrician before taking on tasks that require electrical work. 


Prepare Your Tools and Turn Off the Power

Installing a ceiling fan is easier when all of your tools are ready to go:

  1. To start, gather a tall ladder, a screwdriver, wire connector caps, wire cutters, and a wire stripper and set them near your work area.
  2. Then, turn off all of the switches in the room and shut off the power at the circuit box. If you have an existing fan, disassemble it and remove it from the ceiling.
  3. You should be left with a metal electrical box in the ceiling and loose wires. Check the weight rating that’s printed on the ceiling box to verify that it can support your new fan.

Hang the Motor Unit

Find the mounting bracket that came with your new fan. Then follow these steps:

  1. Use the included screws to fasten the bracket to the electrical box with the flat side sitting flush with the ceiling.
  2. Then, attach the downrod and canopy to the motor unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Pull the wires up through the downrod.
  4. Climb your ladder with the motor unit assembly and slip the top of the downrod into the mounting bracket.

Connect the Fan Wiring

Pull the wires from the ceiling box and the fan to one side. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Cut off the excess fan wiring with your wire cutters.
  2. With the wire stripper, remove about 1 inch of insulation from the fan wires.
  3. Locate the white wires coming from the ceiling and the fan. Twist the bare ends together and twist on a connector cap. Make sure that the connector covers the bare wire completely. If necessary, remove the cap and trim the wire.
  4. Use the same method to connect the ceiling ground wire, which may be copper or green, to the green fan wire.
  5. Next, locate and connect the black hot wires coming from the fan and the ceiling. Are you left with a loose black ceiling wire? This is the wire for a light; simply cover it with a cap.
  6. Push the wiring into the ceiling box, placing the black wires on one side and the green and white wires on the other.

Complete the Fan Assembly

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, twist the ceiling canopy into place so it sits flush with the ceiling. Then, install the fan blades. Finally, turn on the power and test your handiwork.

Now that you know how to install a ceiling fan, it’s time to find your fixture. Check out our tips for How to Choose a Ceiling Fan to ensure a stylish, long-lasting investment.