How to Install Car Seat Covers

How to Install Car Seat Covers

How to Install Car Seat Covers
Over time, the upholstery or leather in your vehicle can begin to wear. A great way to preserve the new look of your vehicle interior is to install car seat covers, which protect your seats from stains and other wear. These great car accessories are simple to install yourself, and they let you add your own custom style to your vehicle interior. Here are a few simple steps to follow when installing your new car seat covers.
How to Install Car Seat Covers

Installing Car Seat Covers:


Remove the headrests.

If your vehicle has no headrests, skip this step. If you have headrests, you’ll be cutting holes for them in Step 4. If your car seat covers include headrest covers, you can slip those on now.


Slip the cover over the seat back.

Car seat covers are made to be universal, but you may have to work a bit to make sure they are snug. Wrinkled car seat covers just don’t look nice.

You’ll find two loops on the back of the seat cover that you can slip between the seat back and the seat itself.

Use a coat hanger to pull the loops from the front of the car seat cover underneath the seat.


Secure the loops and hooks.

Connect the elastic loops with the included S-hooks to hold your seat cover on snugly. If the car seat cover is too loose, you may need to adjust the length of the elastic straps by tying them off.


Mark and cut headrest holes.

Feel through the car seat cover to locate the holes that hold your headrest. Mark each hole location with a marker and make a quarter-inch cut. Align the cut parallel with the sides of the car. Doing so will help prevent the hole from widening as passengers sit down or get up.


Replace your headrests.

Slip the headrests through the holes you’ve cut in the car seat covers and press them firmly into place.

Car Seat Cover Warning

Car seat covers can interfere with airbags built into the seat. Check your vehicle’s user manual for the location of any airbags.