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How to Install a Bed Canopy

How to Install a Bed Canopy

How to Install a Bed Canopy
A bed canopy is a perfect way to add elegance to any bedroom. This beautiful bedding accessory can bring a sense of serenity and splendor, and transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Not to be confused with a canopy - a bed with a tall frame to drape bed canopy curtains on - a bed canopy is a separate bed accessory that hangs from the ceiling. Read on to learn how to install a bed canopy and learn other tips to help you set up a beautiful bed space.
How to Install a Bed Canopy
Choose a bed canopy to install

Choose a Canopy

Canopies are available in a variety of colors and materials, from airy and lightweight to thick and extravagant fabrics. For a traditional look, silk and velvet are your best bet; but for a breezy, dreamy look, consider a lightweight linen or mesh. You can also choose between a hoop canopy that attaches in one spot or a ceiling bed canopy that attaches in four places.

Pick your placement to install your bed canopy

Pick Your Placement

Your canopy type will determine where you hang your canopy in relation to your bed. If you chose a hoop, you’ll probably want to hang it toward the head of the bed so the fabric stays out of your way when you sleep. If you select a ceiling canopy, center it over your bed to allow the fabric to cascade in all directions.

Install the bed canopy hook

Install the Hook

Since some bed canopies hang directly above your head, it’s important to ensure the screws are secure. For the most security, use a stud finder to find the studs in your ceiling. Next, drill a small hole in the spot over your bed where you want to hang your canopy to help guide the screws. For extra support, screw the hooks into drywall anchors.

Attach the bed canopy

Attach the Canopy

Attach the fabric to the hooks and adjust the canopy so that it is level and the fabric is draping evenly from all sides. You may want to recruit someone to help you; they can hold up the ceiling canopy and adjust it while you decide where it looks best.

Add some flair to your installed bed canopy

Add Some Flair

Once you’ve finished installing your bed canopy, consider giving it some flair with embellishments. Specialty bedding for canopy beds is available to complement the design of your home decor addition. Try incorporating small lights or curtain tiebacks to add a personal touch. It’s your bed, so make it the stuff of your dreams.