How to Increase Comfort with Memory Foam Mattress Pads

by Lucinda Gunnin


Revitalizing your bed with a memory foam mattress topper is an easy way to add support and warmth to your old mattress. It's also a smart alternative to spending hundreds of dollars for a new mattress when your old one is in good condition. Choosing a foam mattress topper for your bed is simple and can increase your comfort, leading to a more restful night's sleep.

Increase Your Comfort:

  1. Decide on the materials you would prefer. The type of memory foam you choose will have a large effect on how much comfort your topper adds to your bed. Think about your specific needs when you're choosing the material you want. All memory foam topper materials will react to your body heat and shape to your body, eliminating pressure points that can cause pain.

    Types of Memory Foam:

    • Traditional memory foam: Viscoelastic memory foam was developed by NASA, and this space age technology has become a popular type of bedding. It's very supportive and, because it reacts to body heat, very cozy.

    • Gel memory foam: Regular memory foam can get too warm for some people. Gel memory foam has been infused with gel beads, which allows for more air flow, keeping you cooler while you're sleeping.

    • Latex foam: Latex is a natural material, so some people prefer this more eco-friendly option. Other people have latex allergies, however, so they should avoid this material.

  2. Pick a density. Density is a measure of firmness for your foam mattress topper: the denser the foam, the firmer the support will be. People who have chronic back pain may be more comfortable with denser foam. Denser foam will still conform to your body, but spring back more effectively when you aren't on it.

  3. Think about thickness. When choosing the thickness, remember that generally, a thicker mattress topper will provide a firmer surface. If you're a side sleeper, you may prefer a softer sleeping surface, so you'll want to shop for a 2-inch or 3-inch topper. Back and stomach sleepers may prefer a topper that is 4 or 5 inches thick.

  4. Look for a hypoallergenic cover, if you have allergies. If you are prone to allergies or often awake with the sniffles, your mattress may be hiding allergens. Some mattress toppers come with an allergen guard that will help prevent dust mites and other allergens from contaminating your sleeping surface.

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