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How to Incorporate Bean Bags into your Home Decor

by Emily Lloyd

Bean bag chair in living room with girl sitting on it

You probably already know that bean bags are fun pieces of furniture that act as comfortable seating and casual decor at the same time. This type of furniture is great for most rooms in your home and bean bags can fit almost any situation. Read these tips on how to incorporate bean bags into your home decor for some great ideas.

Bean Bag Home Decor Ideas:

  1. Invest in more than just round bean bags. The round bean bag is, of course, a classic piece of furniture. However, you may not know that there are also bean-bag chairs, bean-bag cubes and bean-bag ottomans. A bean-bag chair is perfect for a reading corner in a bedroom or living room, or you could add a few bean-bag ottomans to your den. Mixing up your bean bag collection is the perfect way to achieve a fun look and a comfortable feel.

  2. Purchase bean bags in complementary colors. Since bean bags aren't considered traditional furniture, you'll want to do everything possible to help them fit in. Instead, find a bean bag with colors or patterns that complement the style of the room. There are so many different colors, shades and patterns to choose from that you will easily find the right color bean bag for the room.

  3. Measure for the correct size. Bean bags and lounge bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from extra small kids' bean bags to jumbo-sized bean-bag lounge chairs for adults. Consider what room your bean bag furniture will be going in and how big or small you'll want the bean bags to be. Figure out how much room is available for your bean bag and buy according to those measurements.

  4. Remember texture and fabric. Bean bag furniture is available in many different textures and fabrics from microsuede to twill to vinyl and even corduroy. Carefully consider the room you'll be putting your bean bag in and match the style of that room; for example, a luxurious living room might call for a plush microsuede bean bag, whereas a casual, comfortable den would look great with twill or corduroy bean bags.

  5. Put them where you'll use them the most. A bean bag chair in a formal dining room may not get a lot of use. However, placing your bean bag chair in a more traditional spot, like in bedrooms, the TV room or in front of a gaming system, will guarantee it will be used on a daily basis. A large kids' bean bag in a bedroom can also double as a bed for sleepovers and guests. If you've invested in several bean bags or bean bag chairs, make sure that you leave enough walking space between each bean bag.

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