How to Hang Drapery Hooks

How to Hang Drapery Hooks

Updating window treatments is a breeze when you use drapery hooks with your curtains or drapes. We'll walk you through how to get started and hang your drapes in no time.

When you need to quickly hang hemmed drapes or curtains, drapery hooks are an effective and easy-to-use option. The basic style of this curtain hardware staple is a single wire folded against itself – one end has a sharp prong and the other end is bent into a curved hook. In fact, these hooks, also known as drapery pins, almost look like large fishing hooks. Variations of this type of curtain hardware include additional prongs, angled hooks, and blunt tips.

All drapery pins and hooks work the same way, and the technique is fairly easy to master. If you’re looking for a simple window treatment project, these hooks are the ideal drapery hardware because you can successfully hang drapes and curtains with them without a lot of time, hassle or tools. Read on for instructions on hanging drapery hooks in your windows.


Hanging Drapery Hooks:



Use the Right Size Hooks

Check the back of the top of your curtain. The hemmed panel along the width of the curtain is where you will insert the drapery or curtain hooks. Hold the straight portion of a hook against the panel to make sure it is not longer than the hem. You don’t want the point to poke through the top of the panel.


Prepare the Curtain

Lay the curtain out in front of you face-down on the work surface. Locate the seam at the bottom of the hemmed piece.


Insert the Hooks

Insert the pointed, straight portion of a drapery or curtain hook at the base of the seam, into the fabric, so that it slides into the hemmed portion. It should not poke out through the front or top of the panel. Space the hooks eight to nine inches apart, and place one on each end.


Hang the Curtain

Place the curved portion of the drapery hook over the curtain rod or in the tabs of a traverse rod. Fan out the fabric of your drapes to achieve your desired look.

Drapery Hanging Tip:

Don’t tug too hard on curtains hung with drapery hooks. Although this type of drapery hardware will keep your curtains in place, the hooks are not so strong that they can support extra weight or pressure.