How to Hang Curtains

How to Hang Curtains

Nothing complements the windows of your home better than hanging beautiful window treatments. How you hang your curtains plays a big part in how functional they are and how well they complement your decor. Use the following four steps to easily hang curtains on any window in your home.

Measure and Mark Spots for Brackets

The first step to hanging curtains is installing the brackets that hold up your curtain rod. Your curtain rod should hang around 6 inches above the window frame and stretch about 6 inches past the width of the window frame. Use a level to ensure the brackets are aligned properly. These measurements can be slightly different depending on how you prefer your curtains to hang. For more tips on hanging curtains properly, check out our How to Measure for Curtains guide.


Install the Brackets

Use a screwdriver or electric drill to screw the brackets to the wall. For lightweight curtains, simple screws and brackets should be sufficient, but heavy curtains and rods may require plastic drywall anchors, heavy-duty screws, and sturdy curtain brackets. See The Best Curtain Accessories for Your Home.


Place the Curtain Panels on the Curtain Rod

Take your curtains and slide them onto the curtain rod. Depending on the type of curtains, the rod might slide through the top section of your curtains or through curtain rings that attach to your curtain panels. If your rod has decorative finials, you may need to remove them while you slide on the rings. See How to Choose Curtain Rods.


Attach the Curtain Rod to the Brackets

Lastly, attach your curtain rod to the brackets on your walls. This might be as simple as setting your curtain rod on top of the brackets, or your rod might connect to the brackets with specific fasteners. After the rod is attached to the brackets, you can adjust the curtains to fit your preferences.

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