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How to Hang a Towel Bar

by Kaye Morris

Bathroom towel rack

Things You Need:

  • Wood screws
  • Electric drill
  • Hollow wall anchors

Properly installing a towel bar can ensure that these essential bath fixtures doesn't damage your wall. A towel bar may be used to display decorator towels to complete the room's decor or hold wet bath towels after bathing or showering. A towel bar might also be subjected to serving as a hanging spot for clothing. The weight of wet towels combined with the action of pulling towels off the bar puts additional pressure on the towel bar. Improper installation of a towel bar can result in the bar separating from the wall and damaging the wall's surface. Follow these simple steps to be sure your towel bar is properly installed.


  1. Determine the location for the towel bar. Use a stud finder to locate a stud for mounting the towel-bar hardware. Mark the location of the first hanging bracket; then measure the distance required between the brackets and mark that spot on the wall. This distance includes the length of the towel bar and the mounting brackets.

  2. Attach the brackets to the wall. If the bracket will be screwed into a stud, use wood screws to secure the bracket in place. If a stud is not available for securing the bracket, drill holes into the drywall where the screws will attach the brackets. The drill bit should be the same size as the hollow wall anchor, or "molly bolt." Place the bracket in place and insert the molly bolts through the bracket and into the drilled holes in the sheetrock. Tighten the molly bolt with a screwdriver to activate the flare on the backside of the wall. The flare opens larger than the hole and prevents the molly bolt from sliding in the wall.

  3. Attach the end caps to the mounting brackets. Slide the first end cap of the towel bar over the top of the bracket, and then pull it down firmly in place at the bottom of the bracket. Insert the towel bar into the installed end cap and insert the other end into the uninstalled end cap. Holding the towel bar and end cap in place with your hand, slide the second end cap over the bracket, and then pull it down firmly in place, level with the other end cap. Make sure the towel bar does not slip from either end cap while you are attaching it to the bracket.

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