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How to Go Green with Bed Linens

by Amanda Mears

Organic bed linens

Going green can extend into every area of your life -- even bed linens. The average person will spend one-third of his life in bed, so make sure to rest easy knowing your bedding fits your eco-friendly lifestyle. If you're serious about going green while saving some green, check out these ways to reduce your carbon footprint while you sleep with bed linens.

Eco-friendly Bedding:

  1. Check the label before you buy. The easiest way to feel environmentally conscious is to look for bed linens made from natural materials like organic cotton, wool, hemp or even bamboo. By using sustainable materials, you can go green without sacrificing comfort. Organic materials are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and you can find organic materials used for everything from pillowcases to baby mattress toppers.

  2. Consider the climate in your area. When choosing bed linens, you may want to think about what the weather is like where you live. For consistently cooler temperatures, save on the heating bill with ultra-warm down comforters and wool blankets. By looking for natural materials that trap heat, you can make sure to stay cozy without cranking up the heat. If you spend most your time in hot weather, you may want to try using only bed sheets and keeping the cooler off. You'll save money and reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out unnecessary bed linens.

  3. Invest in quality that's made to last. Invest in quality that's made to last. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for with organic bed linens, you can still make sure your environmental impact is small. Investing in bed linens that will last means less waste while maintaining a luxury bedding feel. Look for high thread counts in quality bedding so you won't be replacing your sheets year after year.

  4. Go green. Stay green. Once you've turned your bedroom into an organic oasis, try recycling your old bed linens. You can use them to make throw pillows or cut them up to use as cleaning rags. Whatever you choose to do, by recycling the old material you can save money and the earth. Another way to stay green is to switch to chemical-free laundry detergents that will make sure your bed linens stay free of any harmful or unnecessary chemicals.

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