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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
Don't be intimidated by fitted sheets; the elastic around the edges makes it hard to fold them by conventional means, but they are quite manageable once you know how to handle them. Here's a quick and easy tutorial for learning how to fold a fitted sheet.
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Start With Two Corners

Before you start folding, make sure all of your sheets are thoroughly clean and dry before storing them. This will prevent mildew from growing.

When you’re ready, place your hands in two of the corners of the fitted sheet, with the rough seams facing outward. Your hands will help hold the shape of the sheet for a crisp line that looks great in any linen closet.


Fold Two Corners Together

Bring your hands together and fold one corner over the other so that both corners are now on one hand and the finished seam side is on the top.


Add a Third Corner

Pull up a third corner and fold it over the other two. The rough seam should be on top now.


Fold in the Last Corner

Grab the fourth corner and fold it over the other three with the finished seam on top. All four corners should be on one hand now with the finished seam on top.


Straighten the Sides

This will prevent wrinkles and make the sides hang nicely. Lay the sheet down on a table or bed for the next step.


Fold the Sheet into Thirds with the Elastic in the Middle

Then fold in thirds again to find your finished product: a beautifully folded sheet.

You might need to make adjustments depending on how small you want the folded sheet to be; for example, if you are folding a king sheet you may want to fold it into quarters instead of thirds.

Watch How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

These steps will help you fold any size of fitted bedding. If you still have trouble folding your sheet, try enlisting a partner. One person can hold the sheet taut while the other folds for a perfect result. For a finishing touch, place a dryer sheet in your linen closet to help your sheets and other bedding smell fresh longer.