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How to Fluff Down Pillows

How to Fluff Down Pillows

After a long day, there's nothing quite like sinking your head into a fluffy down pillow. Pillows filled with down are incredibly luxurious, but without the proper care, their comfort level can be seriously deflated. To keep your bed pillows from going flat, getting lumpy, or breeding allergens, there are a few simple steps you can take. Learn how to fluff down pillows and prepare to reach a level of comfort worthy of a dream!
Things You’ll Need
  • Zippered pillow covers
  • Fabric softener sheets
  • 2 clean tennis balls

Fluffing Down Pillows:



Maintain the Fluff

Every morning when you get out of bed, fluff up your down pillows. This will allow the down to breathe during the day, ensuring the pillows stay light and feathery.


Put Them in the Dryer

At least once a month, put your down pillows in the clothes dryer. Be sure they’re protected by zippered covers, so loose feathers don’t come out in the dryer.


Use a Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet

Slightly moisten a fabric softener dryer sheet and put it in the dryer with the pillows. This will keep your down pillows smelling fresh, in addition to fluffing them.


Beat Them with Tennis Balls

Put two clean tennis balls in the dryer with the down pillows. As the dryer spins, the balls will beat out any clumped areas in the pillows. If you don’t have tennis balls handy, you can also try using a clean pair of tennis shoes or flip-flops.


Air Dry Only

Set the dryer for air-dry only – too much heat can give an unpleasant smell to down and may even burn the filling of your bed pillow – and dry the down pillows for ten minutes. Air drying will remove any trace moisture that may be in the pillows, helping you prevent mildew growth in the down filling.


Air Them Out Regularly

Every few months, on a sunny, clear day, lay your pillows outside on a table or drape them over a clothes line. Fluff them up several times and turn after about an hour. The heat will dry out any slight moisture. In addition, the sun and fresh air will give your pillows a wonderfully clean smell.