How to Fit Queen Beds in Small Spaces

How to Fit Queen Beds in Small Spaces

Ideal for guest rooms or additional bedrooms, queen beds measure 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. For a couple, a queen bed provides about 30 inches of space per person. Larger and more comfortable than double or full beds, queen beds occupy less space than king beds. This makes them a great choice for bedrooms with space limitations. Knowing how to select queen beds and fit them in small spaces enables you to maximize their potential and your available floor space. Look below to learn how to fit queen beds in small spaces.

Fitting a Queen Bed in a Small Space:


Find the right bed.

Select a queen bed that solves your space dilemma. Avoid bulky beds with heavy frames, posters or canopies. Choose a minimalist, clean design. Opt for a sleek headboard and foot board. Or, consider a bed without either. Choose a platform bed with a storage trundle. Even without a trundle, some platform beds give you the option of under-bed storage, leaving you with more floor space.


Put it against the wall.

Push your queen bed against a wall. The closer you move the bed to a wall, window or corner, the better. By doing this, you free up space around the bed for other furniture and create room to move around. Avoid moving the bed to the center of the room even if it looks more appealing as this reduces floor space and restricts traffic flow. Consider a floating nightstand that attaches to your headboard or the wall on either side, instead of bedside tables that occupy floor space.


Maximize potential.

Maximize your queen bed’s potential. In a guest room or a child’s bedroom, a queen bed doubles as a day bed or a lounging sofa. Add a heavy throw and arrange cushions against the wall to create this transformation during the day. This way, you won’t have to fit additional seating and furniture in the small space. Store the cushions and sofa cover in a closet or under-bed trundle when you need to use the queen bed.