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How to Find the Best Foundation Makeup

by Lindsay Champion

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Foundation is the perfect makeup for covering up blemishes, evening out variations in skin tones and protecting the skin your face. Foundation is available in many different forms and in a variety of shades. Use these tips to find the best foundation makeup for your skin.

The Best Foundation Makeup:

  1. Determine your skin type. There several different skin-type classifications, and knowing which type you have will help you choose the proper foundation. The four main skin types are normal, oily, dry and combination. To determine your skin type, wash your face with an oil-free cleanser and avoid applying moisturizer or other skin-care products. Wait an hour and touch your face with your fingertips. If your skin feels smooth and hydrated, then you have normal skin. If it feels rough and dry, then your skin type is dry. If your skin feels oily, then you have oily skin. And if your skin feels dry in some areas and oily in others, then you have combination skin.

  2. Select foundation based on skin type. Once you have determined your skin type, you can shop for foundations. Many foundations will specify what type of skin they are best for. Powder foundations and mineral foundations help fight oil on the skin, while cream and liquid foundations can hydrate dry skin. If you have combination skin, you might find that using more than one type of foundation works best for you.

  3. Find the right foundation for your skin shade. Finding the right color of foundation is very important for a perfect match and a natural look. Many women get stumped when it comes to choosing a foundation color, but it doesn't have to be a difficult process. First, you need to determine your skin shade: Light, medium and dark are the basic skin shades. If you cannot tell right away what your shade is, then look at your bare skin in natural light. Light skin is pale or porcelain without much color or undertone. Medium skin ranges from a bit of color to tan shades. Dark skin ranges from deep tan to dark ebony.

  4. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. When you are shopping for foundation, you might find that there are several colors of foundation in every shade. In this case, you will need to narrow the shades down by tone. Take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If the veins are blue, then your skin tone is in the yellow family and you should shop for "cool" foundation shades. If you have green veins, then your skin tone is in the pink family and you should shop for "warm" foundation shades. Some foundation brands will use the terms "cool" and "warm", while others will get more creative. Warm foundation shades might be called "pink", "beige" or "buff", while cool foundation shades can be referred to as "golden", "olive" or "fawn". Viewing swatches or photos of the shades can also help you determine which one will match your skin best.

  5. Test your foundation. Before wearing your new foundation out for the first time, test it at home to make sure it is truly right for you. Put the foundation on how you would every day, after cleansing and moisturizing your face. Don't apply other makeup or skin-care products. Wait at least an hour and then look at the foundation. If the foundation has faded, you might need a heavier variety. If your skin looks cracked and dry, then you need a foundation with more moisture. If your skin looks oily, you should consider an oil-free foundation. In addition, checking the color of your foundation in natural light can help you determine whether it is the right shade.

Makeup Tips and Warnings:

  1. You may need a different type and shade of foundation in the summer than you use during the winter, as your skin color and type can change with the seasons.

  2. Many individuals with sensitive skin have allergic reactions to some types of foundation. If you develop a rash from your foundation, stop using it and look for one that is formulated for sensitive skin.

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