How to Find Flattering Shorts

How to Find Flattering Shorts

How to Find Flattering Shorts
As the song says, it's summertime and the living is easy . . . and hot. Shorts, however, can help you keep cool when summer brings its fiercest heat. Fortunately, there are plenty of cute pairs of shorts that will keep you cool during sweltering summer days. Finding the right pair of shorts for you can be a task, however. Are you stumped about the best styles for your body? Follow these tips to find shorts that fit well and look great, too.
How to Find Flattering Shorts

Finding Flattering Shorts:

Take Your Height into Consideration

If you’re very petite, cropped pants and shorts that extend past the knee will only make you look shorter. At the same time, tall women often avoid wearing ultra-short shorts, which expose too much leg. A cute pair of shorts that hit at the mid-thigh flatter most heights and are always stylish.

Figure Out Your Body Type

Petite, curvy girls should avoid long styles and opt instead for shorts that flare out and don’t hug the thighs. Mid-thigh shorts work well, as do straight-leg Bermuda shorts. Thin, petite girls will look taller in a pair of mid-thigh, cuffed shorts paired with heels, while thin, tall girls can wear shorts that fall just above the knee or come to mid-thigh. If you’re tall and curvy, knee-length shorts or Bermuda shorts will flatter your body type.

Camouflage Problem Areas

Look for shorts with clean, straight lines and few embellishments if you have a curvy body type. Cargo pockets and large back pockets can draw attention to hips and thighs, causing them the look bigger. To look curvier, find shorts in bold colors and patterns. If you have a curvy stomach or bottom, avoid low-rise styles and look for shorts with higher waists. Women with bigger thighs should stay away from figure-hugging cropped pants and shorts and look for wide-leg shorts. To look slim all over, wear shorts in a dark color and heels or wedges.

Wear Complementary Clothing and Accessories

If you want to look the best in your shorts, avoid wearing very tight or revealing tops. Instead, wear simple tanks or fitted T-shirts for a casual, everyday look, and try looser blouses with belts and wide-leg shorts for evening. Wear high-heeled sandals or wedges to look taller and flats or flip-flops for a laid-back look.