How to Find Cute Girls’ Bedding

How to Find Cute Girls’ Bedding

Girls bedding isn't just a necessity for staying warm during cold nights, it's also a statement piece. Young girls develop a sense of style and fashion preference at an early age, and it is often expressed in their bedrooms. Whether it's a vibrant comforter set, pastel bed sheets, or soft bed linens, girls bedding is as much about function as it is fashion. If you are looking to spruce up your daughter's bedroom, here's how to find cute girls bedding.



Comforters are the bedding focal point and can tie an entire bedding set together, but keep in mind that the fill is just as important as the design. Choose a comforter with a high fill rate that is made of down for cold winter nights, and opt for a less fluffy down alternative during warmer weather. Once you’ve determined the ideal composition of your comforter, it’s time to focus on style. You can choose to decorate with softer tones for girl’s baby bedding and bold prints and colors for teens. Cute girl’s comforters are a great way to make a statement and stay warm at the same time.

Bed Sheets

A girl’s bedroom isn’t complete without a comfortable and fashionable sheet set. Fitted sheets wrap around the mattress, while flat sheets lie on top. Thread count and material determine a bed linen’s comfortability and durability. Ensure that your daughter sleeps soundly wrapped up in a set of Egyptian cotton, sateen, or cotton/polyester blend bed sheets that match her room’s color scheme and vibe.

Throws and Blankets

A throw or blanket is used to accentuate a particular color or theme in a girl’s bedroom. For example, you may want to toss an animal print throw at the foot of your teen daughter’s bed to complement her fluorescent pink and white comforter, or a soft pastel blanket for your toddler to cuddle with. Your cute girls’ bedding set isn’t complete without one or two comfortable throws.


An essential component for a good night’s sleep is the pillow, and girls need a good quality, comfortable pillow as much as any adult. Consider a hypoallergenic fill or opt for goose down if allergies aren’t an issue. Also, take into account the size of the pillow. Young children able to use pillows may require a smaller size compared to teens who may prefer a larger gel or memory foam variety.

Decorative Pillows

Most bedding has a functional purpose, but decorative pillows are purely ornamental. Choose decorative pillows that highlight the colors and designs around the bedroom. You often find that decorative pillows are much bolder, busy, and decorative than traditional pillow shams and comforters, so don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wild side with a style a bit out of the ordinary.

Bed Skirts

Many beds, especially those for big kids and teenagers, use a box spring and may require a bed skirt to tastefully hide the open space. Finding cute bed skirts is easy because they come in a number of styles and drops suited for any girl’s bedroom. If you decided to decorate with subtle tones, try adding a bit of pop with a patterned or ruffled bed skirt. Or, downplay an already vibrant room with a subtler, fitted one.

Comforter Sets

To make buying easy, you may find that a comforter set is the best option for you. Comforter sets for girls vary in size, style, and material depending on your price point and decorative preferences. Most come complete with bed sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter. Whether you’re completing your baby girl’s nursery, moving your toddler into her big girl room, or redesigning your teenager’s personal space, a complete comforter set will make the job easier.