How to Find Cheap Laptop Bags

How to Find Cheap Laptop Bags

a man with a light brown laptop bag
If you take your laptop with you to work, school or play, you need laptop bags to help you get it there safely. Laptops are an expensive investment, so you want to protect them with quality laptop cases and laptop bags, but you also want to save money where you can. You're already saving money by online shopping at, but there are a few other ways you can save money on laptop bags, too. Follow these tips to find quality, cheap laptop bags.
a man with a light brown laptop bag

Finding Affordable Laptop Bags:

Lesser known brands:

An easy way to find cheap laptop bags is to look at less familiar brand names. Because these manufacturers are smaller and less recognized, their prices are lower, so you won’t be tempted by the expensive designer laptop bags or fancy laptop sleeves that well-known brands produce. Even rolling laptop bags will be cheaper if they’re made by less familiar brand names. You may be nervous about quality when you’re looking at a lesser known brand’s laptop bags; make sure the material and construction is durable and read reviews about that brand’s products before buying.

Fewer compartments and simpler designs:

Laptop bags with fewer compartments and simpler designs are less expensive because they take less time and material to construct. If you strongly prefer a certain brand, consider buying a simple laptop messenger bag that has only one or two compartments and a streamlined design. Basic backpacks also make great cheap laptop bags as long as they have the padding necessary to protect your computer. Designer laptop bags and fancy laptop bags for women often have multiple compartments, fancier designs and more expensive materials, but if you take your time and shop smart, you’re sure to find the perfect laptop bag for your style and your budget.

Fewer extras:

Inexpensive laptop messenger bags also have fewer extras. Many laptop backpacks and bags come with extra features, such as earphone ports, cell phone pockets, waist belts and removable laptop sleeves. While these can be handy and convenient features, they are unnecessary extras that will increase the price of a laptop bag. Rolling laptop bags are also more expensive for the same reason. Decide which extras you need and which you can live without before buying laptop bags.

Less expensive materials:

Material affects a laptop bag’s price as much as brand, construction and extra features, so choose carefully. Leather laptop bags are elegant and professional, but they are also on the high end of the price range. Many laptop bags for women and laptop briefcases are made of leather. If the look of leather laptop bags is important to you, consider laptop bags made of faux leather. Other inexpensive materials that are great for laptop bags are nylon and polyester. The important considerations are durable materials and quality construction.