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How to Extend the Life of Your Futon

by Craig Blake

A sleek futon

When guests come to visit, no piece of furniture is better suited for the job than a futon. When you need to make the most of your space but also need a place for unexpected visitors to crash, a futon gives you the best of both worlds. Futons aren't just great for guests. Whether you need a makeshift guest room or want futon beds for children's rooms, you're going to want it to last for a long time. Here are a few tricks to extend the life of your futon as long as possible.

Making Your Futon Last:

  1. Use a futon cover. Although you might not want to keep your futon wrapped all hours of the day, as soon as you transform it into a bed, you should use a futon cover. Not only will this make your futon mattress more comfortable; it will protect it from unnecessary damage. Most futon mattresses are not easily washed, and some can't be washed at all. Pick out a futon cover that can be washed. After that, it couldn't hurt to place a standard mattress cover over the top of it.

  2. Don't jump on the bed. As obvious as it might sound, extreme stress on futon beds will dramatically increase their wear and tear, even more so than standard beds. Futons have a folding mechanism in the middle to make the transition into a futon sofa. If too much pressure is put on the hinge, it might damage the beds ability to transition, sticking you with a regular bed permanently.

  3. Flip it. About once a week, you should flip your futon mattress over from toe to head. After you do this for a bit, you should be fine to do it every few weeks. This will make sure your futon mattress doesn't get too settled in any one position. If you continue to flip your mattress, you'll be happy to sleep on it for years to come.

  4. Give it some sun. Every here and there, leave your futon mattress out in the sun. If possible, when inside, place your futon frame next to an open window. Sun and fresh air will help get rid of any humidity stuck inside the mattress, allowing it to fluff back up.

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