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How to Dry Foam Mattress Pads

by Randall Shatto

Foam mattress pad

On top of your current mattress, mattress pads add comfort without costing you a fortune. A new mattress pad will make your bed feel brand new and offer support that your bed may be lacking due to years of use. Foam mattress pads come in different sizes to fit different mattress sizes. When accidents happen, such as spilled water, or when you need to spot clean, understanding how to dry a foam mattress pad is important. Read through this article to learn how to dry foam mattress pads.

Drying Foam Mattress Pads:

  1. Remove the mattress pad. Remove the foam mattress pad from the bed. Place it on a clean, clear portion of the floor. Spread a plastic tarp or garbage bags under the mattress pad if you're afraid the spill may leak onto the floor.

  2. Blot the foam. Blot the foam with a towel by pushing down gently to dab the moisture. Concentrate on the area that soaked up the most liquid. Repeat this step on the opposite side if the moisture soaked through. Use another dry towel if necessary.

  3. Stand it up. Stand the foam mattress pad against the wall at a 45-degree angle. Place an object behind the pad for support if necessary. This will help your foam mattress pad hold its shape as it dries.

  4. Dry with a fan. Set up a box fan facing the foam mattress pad. Place the fan two or three feet away from the pad. Place it at an angle but still completely facing the pad. If the wet spot is on the top side of the mattress, turn it over so the spot is near the floor.

  5. Let it dry. Allow the fan to dry the foam pad for about six hours. Test the area. If it is still damp, add an additional four hours. If the other side is still damp, turn the mattress around and begin the drying process again.


  1. Do not place the mattress pad back on the mattress until it is entirely dry. Placing a damp pad on your mattress could cause mold and bacteria growth.

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