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How to Display a Quilt

by Staff Writer


Things You Need:

  • Quilt
  • Flat sheet
  • 8-inch-wide strip of cloth as long as the quilt
  • Rod as long as the quilt
  • Needle
  • Thread the same color as the quilt backing

Quilts are more than just bedding: They're also gorgeous pieces of art that can be used to decorate your home. A quilt makes a space seem warm and homey, and it's not hard to learn how to display quilts. By following these steps, you'll be showing off your quilts in no time.

Displaying Quilts:

  1. Use it as a bedspread. The simplest way to display a quilt is to use it as bedding. Often, it looks good to have a flat sheet underneath the quilt bedding and to fold the top of the sheet over the quilt. The flat sheet should be a complementary color to the quilt.

  2. Use it on a couch. Quilts can also be left folded on couches to be used as throws during cold weather.

  3. Hang it up. Alternatively, quilts can be hung on walls like artwork. Never use nails or tacks to attach your quilt to the wall; instead, hang the quilt on a decorative rod. First, sew an 8-inch-wide strip of fabric to the quilt as a 4-inch-wide tube. This should be done with matching color thread in large, loose stitches placed about every inch along the quilt. Make sure the stitches don't penetrate through to the front side of the quilt; they should only go through the backing and the middle of the quilt to avoid showing on the front display. Second, hang the quilt by placing a large rod through the fabric tube and then attaching the rod to the wall.

  4. Vacuum it. Vacuum hanging quilts occasionally on a low setting to remove any accumulated dust.

  5. Protect it. Quilts, especially antique quilts, are sensitive to sunlight. Leaving a quilt in direct sunlight for too long can cause the colors to fade quickly.

  6. Rotate. Rotate quilts for the display to maximize the lifetime of the quilts.

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