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How to Decorate Your Home with Worldstock



A large part of decorating is creating a balanced flow through your home that, in turn, makes you feel comfortable there. This includes picking out the right decor and placing it properly in your home. When you're decorating a house, you may want to consider some handmade pieces from Worldstock. Each piece is designed and created by an artisan in a developing region, and their beautiful work can help create a comfortable, beautiful feel in your home.

Decorating with Worldstock:

  1. Furnishings: If you're starting from the very beginning with your house, you'll want to pick out your furnishings before choosing accessories. Handmade furniture is a beautiful way to furnish your home, and the nature of handmade designs makes each piece unique. Look for Worldstock furniture to furnish every room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom. A handmade wooden coffee table perfectly accents a living room, and a handmade dining table is beautiful place to seat the family for dinners. Most Worldstock furniture is made from natural materials that mix and match well for your home.

  2. Floors and walls: When you're decorating, you'll want to think of every surface, including the floors and walls. There are plenty of handmade rugs available to give your floor some warmth, and many feature beautiful, traditional designs in natural materials, like wool, silk, and jute. For your walls, consider hanging a piece of traditional artwork. Asian scrolls, African masks, and South American metal art are all visually appealing choices, or you can choose an original artisan painting.

  3. Focused themes: To keep your decor from becoming overwhelming, focus on a specific theme for each room. This can include materials, designs, and products from a certain region. Complement handmade wood furniture with other natural materials, like jute and stone. Similarly, you can give a room a centralized theme with African wood carvings and a rug handmade in Africa or decorate with complementary designs from across the world in a specific color scheme. Whatever look you choose, find decorative pieces that blend with the theme rather than conflict with it.

  4. Sustainable and recycled art: A large focus of the Worldstock Fair Trade store is the promotion of sustainable and recycled materials. You can find handmade furniture and decor made from recycled oil drums, rubber tires, and reclaimed wood that make beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly pieces for your home. Similarly, designs made from sustainable materials, like bamboo, offer you an earth-friendly way to decorate. Consider using these items for less impact on the environment while you decorate.

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