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    How To Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas

    How To Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas

    Decorating your bedroom for Christmas makes the season seem extra-merry — the cheerful colors and glowing lights give your private space a special, welcoming feeling. This year, use these Christmas bedroom ideas to give yourself the gift of a cozy holiday retreat. For a seasonal refresh you don’t have to take down after the New Year, see our Tips for Your Winter Bedroom.

    Christmas Bedding

    Add instant holiday cheer with minimal effort by swapping out your everyday bedding for a seasonal design. Get sentimental for Christmas past with homespun patchwork quilts that remind you of holidays spent at Grandma’s house. Or, spark new decorating traditions for the future with modern Christmas sheets featuring graphic snowflake or reindeer prints.

    A contemporary winter palette offers plenty of dreamy ways to decorate a bedroom for Christmas. Look for duvet covers in soft Scandinavian neutrals of pastel blue and snowy white, and add a luxe touch with velvety pillow shams. These soothing colors and textures create a serene scene for the holidays and a positive outlook for the long winter.

    Plush Blankets & Throw Pillows

    Embrace that hygge state of mind with decorative throw pillows and blankets in faux fur or super-soft microplush. It’s definitely the most wonderful time of year to wrap up in a fleece blanket and write Christmas cards as the snow falls softly outside.

    Be ready for cold nights and holiday movie marathons with a single Christmas-print throw draped across the foot of your bed. Or, criss-cross two solid-colored blankets in red or green to contrast a crisp white duvet color and evoke the feeling of a ribbon-wrapped package.

    Another way to accent simple bedding is to use decorative accent pillows that add a burst of holiday vivacity. Tuck a handmade Christmas pillow in the crook of a chair for a rustic, Old-World holiday feeling, or use a mix of jubilant jewel-toned pillows to make a hard bedside bench feel more inviting as you get dressed on a chilly December morning. Simple, luxurious comforts like these encourage you to slow down and appreciate the gifts of winter.

    Christmas Decorations for the Bedroom

    A bed with a storage headboard is the perfect platform to display a few of your favorite Christmas treasures where you’ll see them every morning and evening. Place a decorative tray on top of the headboard, and assemble a vignette that tells a visual story about your life and family.

    Play with objects of varying heights and textures to draw the eye and turn your display into a focal point — tall nutcracker figurines, wooden holiday signs, and silk botanicals bursting with red holiday blooms. The addition of a musical snow globe will bring you back to the delight and wonder of Christmas as a child. Watch the snowflakes swirl as you sip on cinnamon tea and add names to your nice list.

    Lights & Greenery

    Embrace the magical ambiance of Christmas by bringing holiday lights and trimmings into the bedroom. Make the bedroom calm and bright by draping strands of pre-lit garland across your window frames and headboard. For extra impact, create a shimmering accent wall covered entirely in LED lights. Set the timer and fall asleep to visions of a Christmassy starlit sky.

    If you’re looking to go traditional with your Christmas bedroom decorations, slip a faux Christmas tree in the corner. Slim pencil trees bring the beauty of nature to bedroom spaces, large and small. Leave your tree bare for a minimalist Nordic winter vibe, or trim it with beloved ornaments that remind you of family Christmases past. It’s the perfect backdrop for dreaming up holiday brunch menus or wrapping presents like an elf behind the scenes.

    Christmas Bedroom Decorations for Kids

    Let the anticipation and excitement kids feel this time of year fill your home with joy in extra-special ways. Wrap up their bedroom door like a present with a glittery holiday ribbon. Hang strands of brightly colored garlands from the ceiling to make their bedroom feel like an enchanted candy land. With whimsical decorations, kids’ rooms transform into an imaginative stage for holiday tea parties, sleepovers with cousins, and countdowns to Christmas morning.

    For a festive and cozy bedscape, look at holiday flannel bedsheets with Christmas forest themes that spark dreams of snowshoeing and wandering reindeer. Invite kids to experience the delight of Christmas bedroom decorating by letting them embellish their walls and windows with removable art decals and pick out their own mini tree. Whether it’s pink, bright blue, or silly and upside down, your kids are guaranteed to feel the warmth and love that emanates from their very own Christmas bedroom.

    A festively styled bedroom brings the joy and warmth of the holidays to your personal space, ensuring that your days start and end on a positive note. Shop holiday decor at Ovesrtock to turn your bedroom into a relaxing holiday haven with just a few decorative additions. Get free shipping* on every order!