How to Decorate With Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year

How to Decorate With Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year

Trends aren’t always about big, bold disruptions — and lately, we could all use a little less chaos. If you could do with some soothing, consider surrounding yourself with Pantone’s 2020 color of the year: classic blue. This tried-and-true azure gives you a chance to invite stability back into your life while keeping current. Here are four quick ways you can decorate with Pantone’s 2020 color of the year to feel at peace with yourself and your space.


Invite Quiet Comfort With Textiles

Classic blue lends itself perfectly to cozy textiles — few other colors capture contentment so fully. It’s intimacy you can literally feel. Tranquil textiles in this nostalgic, velvety hue will encourage you to take pause throughout your day. After all, that’s essentially what classic blue is all about: checking in with yourself to maintain a true sense of wellness.


Style Tip: Picture Pantone’s 2020 color of the year in the exquisite embroidery of your patterned duvet cover or the soft, sophisticated tufts of your area rug. For a poised, contemplative look, you can elevate your aesthetic with deeply blue bath or table linens.


Because classic blue is so versatile, the patterns and textures you use will affect the sense of style. Throw blankets and pillows with ikat or patchwork designs, for example, will appear much livelier than those in an anchored solid or traditional stripe.


Paint a Peaceful Picture

Color psychology tells us that blue is a retreat into the familiar, and Pantone’s classic blue is a great reminder of a simpler time. Painting in this restorative shade will offer a feeling of familiarity, like you’re supposed to be there. Imagine crossing the threshold into a room that says: “Hello, old friend.”


Style Tip: Consider painting with Pantone’s color of the year as an accent. You can surround yourself with solace by painting your walls, cabinetry, built-in bookshelves, or even the base of a kitchen island or bathroom vanity. Metallic handles can add a flash of contemporary contrast in these areas. If you rent and need a less permanent solution, try removable tiles with classic blue details or a room divider for a flexible touch of trend.


How you paint with classic blue should vary with the size and type of space you’re working with. For example, Pantone’s 2020 color of the year might work better in a larger, naturally lit area so the deep shade doesn’t feel shadowy or overwhelmingly glum. You might prefer classic blue’s reflective tones in a refuge like a bedroom or den to truly appreciate its meditative nature.


Settle Into Serenity With Classic Blue Seating


In a time when we’re afraid of getting left behind, calling on a relic from the past makes us feel like there’s parts of ourselves and our past we want to keep. It bears the importance of history, and the value in not always reinventing or reproving your worth.


Pantone’s 2020 color of the year has already proven its worth — it’s already a staple. A classic. What decor better shares those qualities than seating, the constant comfort you rely on to unwind? Classic blue seating can be the perfect way to capture the shade’s reliability.


Style Tip: Bring in classic blue through your couch, barstools, dining chairs — even a pouf. These types of conversational seating are what we use when we want to relate to one another, so Pantone’s color of the year is perfect for fostering relaxation and security. Your seating’s texture can alter classic blue’s meaning: you can keep things relatable with a soft linen, but easily up the sense of occasion with elegant velvet or glossy leather.


For smaller pieces that highlight this hue, a classic blue accent chair or bench can be just enough when you want to take a moment for yourself to read a book or kick off your shoes.


Embrace Everyday Decorative Accents

As classic blue finds its place in your new life, keep in mind that its ever-presence has earned its role as a neutral. It can quietly exist to complement what you already have, but it’s really so self-less and self-assured that it can be its own darling. That makes Pantone’s 2020 color of the year the perfect shade for a decorative accent. You don’t have to get used to the idea of the color because you’ve already embraced it, so classic blue decor makes its home anywhere.


Even more good news? Tiny touches of classic blue can be a more affordable approach to dipping your toes into the 2020 color trend.


Style Tip: Because classic blue is so easy to build on, it’s great for focal points like artwork. You can also justify your trendy purchases with functional objects. Ceramics, for example, offer plenty of room to play with Pantone’s 2020 color of the year: vasesbowls, planters, cookware, frames. Try blue hues in the colored glass of lighting, from pendants to table lamps.

Pantone’s 2020 color of the year is blue as we know and love it: revisiting old lessons learned because we need to remember them now. It’s the ideal trend to bring home for reliable style. Ready to explore what else the year has in store? Check out our guide to 2020 Home Decor Trends.