How to Decorate with Mirrors



You may have many reasons for adding mirrors to your home, or you may need a few more good reasons. Here are several ways to use them, some of which you may not have considered before. These are just a few ideas for decorating with mirrors. Once you see the wide selection of mirrors available, you'll be inspired to come up with some ideas of your own.

Decorating with Mirrors:

  1. For reflection and inspection: You already know that mirrors can be used to check your reflection, but have you thought about all the places in your home where this might be handy? A vanity mirror in your bathroom will help you get your hair and make-up looking just right. A decorative mirror near your door will give you a chance to check yourself out before leaving the house. A full-length mirror next to or inside of your closet will give you a chance to make sure your shoes work with your outfit.

  2. To illuminate: Mirrors are useful in home decor when you want to move light into a dark corner. They can reflect the light from a window or light fixture into a place that was previously filled with shadows. Hold the mirror in a few different positions before you hang it to find a spot that maximizes the light. Hang a decorative mirror above a console table, and it becomes almost like another light source when a table lamp is placed in front of it. For a romantic effect, try placing pretty candles in front of a decorative mirror.

  3. To create an illusion: Mirrors are excellent tools for making a small room feel larger. The reflection gives the illusion of a whole other room. For extra size, place one where it can reflect the view from a window. You can also simulate a window in a small room or basement with a wall mirror. Simply hang the decorative mirror at a typical window height. To take the look further and add curtains or a valance.

  4. To accessorize: Decorative wall mirrors can enhance your interior decor when the frame is attractive. The style you choose will add to the theme of the room. For a modern look, try a framed mirror. Even unframed mirrors can be decorative additions to any room. The shimmering, reflective quality of mirrors alone makes them a lovely accent piece. Whether you choose a small decorative mirror to sit on a bookshelf or you hang a large mirror on the wall, they will add to the look of a room.

  5. In unexpected ways: You can also get creative when you are decorating with your mirrors. Use framed mirrors as serving trays. Think how festive a tray of sparkling champagne flutes would look when reflected in a mirror. When you place a framed mirror on an ottoman, it becomes a coffee table top. Just make sure you choose one with a sturdy back. Centerpiece mirrors are also an excellent way to add reflective shine to your home. Simply place a mirror underneath the centerpiece on your dining table. Continue the look by using round mirrors as chargers. Your dinner guests will be very impressed.

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