How to Decorate with a Shag Rug

blue and white shag rug
Shag rugs are often associated with the 1960s due to their prominent use in home decor during that time. These rugs are now making a comeback and are being used in a more contemporary fashion that works with multiple home styles. Made with a pile that is longer than one inch, shag rugs are incredibly soft and add visual depth to your home. Whether it's made from wool, cotton, or leather, you can use a shag rug to make a welcoming statement in your home.

blue and white shag rug
couch and coffee table in a living room

In the Living Room

Simple, solid-colored shag rugs can infuse modern living rooms with luxurious texture. For a room that embodies modern style, pair a light-colored shag rug with a white leather sofa, clear acrylic coffee table, and plenty of chrome accents. If you prefer a more classic look, no problem. A shag rug brings a welcoming element of comfort and warmth to any living room.

bedroom with blue side tables and lamps

In the Bedroom

For homes with wood floors, a plush shag rug can be functional as well as fashionable. A simple-patterned shag rug adds polish to solid bedding, and stepping onto a soft, comfortable rug every morning is an added bonus. On the functional side of things, a plush, cotton shag rug can be placed under a solid-wood or wrought-iron bed frame to protect your floor from scratches.

For kids’ bedrooms, a brightly colored shag rug can be a fun centerpiece that doubles as a comfortable play area. Or, place a smaller shag rug in the corner with some cushions and chairs to create a cozy reading nook your child will love.

In the Den

Your den is where you go to relax and enjoy yourself. Nothing says “relax” better than a flokati rug. A flokati shag rug is a handmade rug crafted from wool. They can be dyed any color, which gives you plenty of options to choose from to match your surrounding decor. Create a cozy paradise with an ultra-soft, comfortable shag rug placed at the base of your fireplace. If you want a look that’s a little edgier, try a leather shag rug. These kinds of rugs offer the same high-impact texture as a wool shag without the shedding.

white and gray shag rug

In the Hallway

Shag rugs aren’t just for big rooms. They can add much-needed color and texture to the small spaces in your home, too. A runner in your hallway will really stand out with a retro shag rug look and can muffle the sounds of foot traffic. No matter where you decorate with shag rugs, they always add a piece of comfort and visual flair. For a more thorough exploration of all things shag, check out Everything You Should Know About Shag Rugs.

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